The last, fun week of term 2018

It has been a week filled with fun as we enjoyed spending time together. 
We have loved teaching your children this year! Thank you for all the support.
The trip to Willowbank Park began a little dull and drizzly but the sun broke through and we had a wonderful time.

We made sandwiches and chopped fruit and enjoyed a healthy picnic.

A Special PMP Lesson and Christmas Biscuits.

It has been such a busy and fun-filled week.  
Thank you to everyone who donated a gift towards Pack the Bus on Tuesday.  These items will be given to many people who need support over the holiday period.
On Friday we made and decorated some delicious Christmas biscuits.  Everyone enjoyed eating their biscuit with some milk while listening to a story.
Rachel organised a wonderful Christmas themed PMP lesson.  There was the candy cane track, the spinning Christmas star, bouncing baubles and the present tunnel to name just a few.  Thank you Rachel for the lovely gift that each student received at the end too.  We have really appreciated everything that you and your wonderful team of volunteers have done for Room 16 this year.
Please look out for the newsletter that was sent by email today.  It has lots of important information about what is coming up this week.